Investment Casting

Monett Metals has the capability to produce more intricate castings using the investment casting process. Our molds are made by hand which allows for more complex detail. We can produce castings from a few ounces to 12 pounds in multiple alloy configurations including 300 and 400 stainless steel, cobalt and nickel based alloys as well as carbon and high alloy steel grades. MMI can produce investment castings with dimensional accuracy of +/- .010″.

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What is Investment Casting?

Monett Metals’ investment casting process can be used to produce a cost effective high quality casting. The process allows for design flexibility and very accurate castings with minimum machining. It may be the only way a part can be economically manufactured.
How is it done?
A high temperature wax is used to form a mold surrounding the part. Then the part is attached to a gate forming a tree of multiple parts. The tree is then dipped into a ceramic bath to form a thick coat surrounding the wax mold. The wax is then melted, removing it from the ceramic coat and forming the part. Molten metal is then poured into the ceramic mold and allowed to cool. The castings are then cleaned and ready for any further required processing.

A Gallery of Investment Castings